Wuling SUV Named Almaz in Indonesia, could be Sold in Low SUV Price Level

Caruser.net – Wuling Motors had announced its intention to add its product line up in Indonesia by entering the SUV segment. The concept was exhibited at the GIIAS 2018 and said to go on sale in 2019. The model was not a new concept, because it is an SUV named Baojun 530 in its home country.

But it seemed the Wuling SUV will be launched in early of 2019. It’s indicated by the announcement in Government Tax Agency’s website that the name and price of the SUV had been registered by Wuling Motors to the Government body.

In the Jakarta Regional Tax and Retribution website, it was revealed that the name of the Wuling SUV will be “ALMAZ”, including a description of the engine volume, transmission and selling price as a Tax Object Selling Value (Off the Road).

It’s written as ALMAZ 1.5L TLUX CVT 4X2A on the Government website. it informed us that the SUV will be powered by 1,500 cc engine with Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). This means the Wuling Almaz is the first Wuling car to use the actual automatic transmission in Indonesia.


Wuling SUV Concept Indonesia - Almaz
Wuling SUV Concept Indonesia – Almaz


On the Road Price Estimation

Regarding the price, the announced selling price of the Wuling Almaz was Rp. 203 millions Off-the-Road. This means the On-the-Road (OTR) price to be paid by consumers will be more than that. Even more for the customers outside of the Jakarta.

We tried to guess this Wuling Almaz OTR price based on the off-the-road, by looking at the difference between on vs off-the-road prices for other cars which usually in range of 30%.

This means that the possibility of the Wuling Almaz OTR price is around Rp. 260 millions. It can also be assumed that the price shall be provided by the costumers is around Rp. 250 – 265 millions.


Segments and Competitors

If our estimation are not far off, Wuling Almaz will compete in the low SUV segment with the existing competitors, such as the Toyota Rush, Daihatsu Terios, Honda BR-V and also include the Mitsubishi Xpander Sport and Ultimate types.

The good news is the rumors about this SUV. Such as features, build quality both exterior and interior, and the comfort, will be on the same level as the Honda CR-V Turbo. It could be so, considering that the Chinese car maker has proven it on Wuling Cortez with quite affordable price for a very high value for money.


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