What’s Unique about The Mitsubishi Xpander Front Fascia

Caruser.net Mitsubishi temporarily called their new car as ‘Mitsubishi New Small MPV’ before its official launch at GIIAS 2017 in next August. But all we know, the name of this Toyota Avanza challenger is the Mitsubishi Xpander.


Appearances of the Mitsubishi Xpander were continuously leaked bit by bit by PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), to heat up their marketing-engine and make this car adorn the automotive news world of its homeland.


Later, many of Indonesian medias got a photo of this Xpander’s front fascia. It’s very compatible with previously circulated teasers, even not much different from the XM-Concept that had been exhibited since a year ago. Many people say that this is “The Baby Pajero Sport” due to its similar face with the best selling big SUV.


The face of this new MPV is unique, it’s different from the mainstream grip of today cars. This is in accordance with the statement of Head of Public Relations Department of PT MMKSI, Intan Vidiasari, who said that Mitsubishi wants to present a striking difference from the small MPVs that have been existed in the market.


“Since small MPV is a segment with a lot of players, people have many options, to be a choice, of course there must be stand out differences,” said Intan Vidiasari to the medias.


According to her, the difference is not just being different, but also gives the advantages in terms of safety. So Mitsubishi does not carelessly provide such differentiation.


“In order not to only have the exterior differentiation from its competitors, but also to be proper in term of safety for the passengers,” said Intan. “Why do we play into the small MPV segment? We do not easily come. We have to give differentiation,” she concluded.


So what are the unique things?


From the concept version, teaser and the obtained photo, it’s seen that Mitsubishi presents the typical Dynamic Shield design. But not like the common Mitsubishi cars with this design before, the uniqueness of the Mitsubishi Xpander’s face is in the layout of its lights.

Where the main lights are made just like the shaped of a large fog-lamps including its housing, which positioned below the spot usually used for main lights on other cars. While the real fog lamps are placed under the radiator grille, it can be seen from the concept version and front photo obtained by the medias.

The turning lights are under the main lights, so they are lined up vertically, instead of horizontally as in most cars today.

Then what fills the spot that usually is the main light? Apparently it is LED-Daytime Running Light (DRL) that lifts up the aesthetic of this MPV front fascia. This could be its trademark to be easily recognizable at day and night. The DRL is also certainly have a safety function, which increases the visibility of this car to other motorists.


Things that are criticized from Mitsubishi’s dynamic shield design is the over-chromed accents. Apparently Mitsubishi took a bold step to reduce the accent, by replacing the top grill list with body color accents, unlike the concept version  which was full of chrome. But it could be the chrome accents will still be crowded on the highest variant.


This design of lights position is actually not a completely new thing, it’s already applied to other cars such as Nissan Juke and later there is Hyundai Kona which is not yet sold in Asia.


So, for those who already have a plan to afford this new MPV, get ready to enjoy the stunning breakthrough from the Mitsubishi! Hopefully the quality, comfort and power of this new car will be aligned with the well known Mitsubishi’s standards.

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