Toyota Fortuner vs Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Comparing Power and Fuel Efficiency – The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport vs Toyota Fortuner are the hottest competition in the 7-seater big SUV segment in Asia. Both SUVs are the most reasonable choice for a though family car, since the value for money is quite high considering the features, power, comfort and the prices.

The Fortuner and Pajero Sport (Montero) remain the people choice, especially for the Indonesian consumers as the biggest market for 7-seater cars in South East Asia.

The two big SUVs are more in demand than competitors from other brands. Even though there are numbers of other large SUV options that are even more handsome, sophisticated and powerful like the Hyundai Santa-Fe, KIA Sorento, Isuzu MU-X and Chevrolet Captiva.

If your are considering which of the two SUVs will occupy your garage, surely you want to know which one is the most suitable for your expectations. This article might be useful for comparing the power, acceleration and efficiency of the two best-selling SUVs. Here are more detailed reviews:


1. Comparison of Engine and Power

On paper according to the claims and specifications of the Car Makers, a comparison of the engine and power of the Fortuner vs. Pajero Sport can be seen in the following table:

Pajero Sport vs Fortuner - Engine Power Torgue Comparison
Pajero Sport vs Fortuner – Engine Power Torgue Comparison

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport excels far in terms of power and torque for the highest type of 4×2, which has 31.4 PS more powerful and 30 Nm more torque. But the Fortuner can achieve maximum power and torque faster because the 150 PS has been reached at 3400 rpm, while the Pajero Sport needs 3500 rpm to reach a maximum power of 181 PS.

The data also illustrates that the Pajero Sport should be faster in accelerating than the Fortuner. While the Fortuner will be more efficient with fuel, because of the smaller engine cubes. The strength of the Fortuner in this case is also the capacity of the larger fuel tank, which means that it has more mileage capabilities.

The new 8-speed transmission of the Pajero Sport also gives an advantage in acceleration, because the gearshift will also be shorter and the car has a longer breath. So that for fans of power and large torque in driving, will prefer Pajero than the Fortuner. But for those who are more concerned with fuel efficiency and mileage, the Fortuner is the choice.

In the middle type, the Toyota Fortuner SRZ type 4×2 2.7L has more 27 PS from the petrol engine than the Pajero Sport Exceed 2.5L. However, the Pajero Sport Exceed with its Diesel engine, it has 82 Nm greater torque than the SRZ Fortuner.


2. Performance Comparison (Acceleration)

The second performance of this SUV was tested professionally by automotive media, namely AutoBild Indonesia. the test measured how fast the cars acceleration to reach speeds of 100 km/h from a stationary position.

By the test, data was obtained that the New Pajero Sport is superior in acceleration, 0 – 100 km/h was completed in 10.3 seconds, while the New Fortuner took 2.5 seconds longer, which is 12.8 seconds.


3. Comparison of Fuel Efficiency

The efficiency of fuel consumption is also based on the results of testing carried out by AutoBild, which is fuel consumption for city routes in lower gear and for highway routes when the car is driven at relatively stable high speed.

The test results concluded that the New Fortuner is more fuel efficient than the New Pajero Sport. For the city routes, the Fortuner is able to travel 12.2 km/liter of fuel, while the Pajero is only 12 km. The difference is not significant for stop-and-go routes in city.

But for the highway routes or toll lane, the difference is quite significant, up to 1.6 km/liter for the advantage of the Fortuner. The Pajero Sport travels 14.8 km/liter, while the Fortuner is 16.4 km/liter.


4. Comparison of Performance and Control Related Features

Regarding the features of the Pajero Sport and Fortuner which are related to performance and control, the Pajero Sport is superior because it’s equipped with Vehicle Stability Control, while the Fortuner was not equipped with this feature.

The Traction Control feature is also an advantage of the New Pajero Sport over the Fortuner, so the Pajero Sport will be safer to carry off-road or slippery road.

From the reviews above, we can conclude that in terms of engine performance each has the following advantages:

Mitsubishi New Pajero Sport: Acceleration, Control Features
New Toyota All New Fortuner: More fuel efficient and longer distances


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