The Damage Car Batteries Do Not Often Forced Starter

Caruser.Net – The Damage Car Batteries Do Not Often Forced Starter. As car owners, surely we have experienced problems with cars. These problems are common especially the condition of old cars. One example of a problem that often occurs is the battery is leakage current. If we have trouble when starting the car there may be problems with the ignition system or the battery is damaged. But we need to make sure in advance, It’s really the battery damaged or other problems?

When the symptoms of the car are difficult to start because batteries is damaged, avoid forcing start the engine. It’s will make a new car electricity problems. If the battery is the problem, you should not crank the engine or starter more than three times. This will cause problems with the vehicle’s electronic system”,Samsudin, Astra Peugeot Aftersales Support said.

Many people when experiencing a car engine is difficult to start, they start the engine by pushing the car in the gear transmission state 1 or 2. Right now that’s the way we know to start a car engine if the battery is damaged or leakage current. When the battery is damaged, it is not recommended to start the engine more than 3 times because it can affect the program on the ECU and the Built-in System Interface (BSI) or electronic control where the vehicle system will naturally be locked.

Then how to start the car engine?

Dear guys, in this article we discuss more about the peugeot sedans. Batteries that are commonly used there are three types depending on the model and year. The details that used for Peugeot cars are type L1 390 Amperes, type L2 480 Amperes and type L3 720 Amperes. But in general the battery used is type L2 because it is able to accommodate the needs. “The need for electricity standards for this transporter has been calculated by Peugeot. Beyond that, if the addition of power in a vehicle often makes extra electricity supply,” Samsudin said.

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For you owner another car, you can adjust the way it is implemented. In essence we are not recommended to start the engine for 3 times when the battery is damaged or dropped. To overcome the problem of damaged or leakage current batteries, you should do regular maintenance on the car battery. Car battery maintenance can be done alone or use a car battery maintenance service at an official battery service workshop.

That is a automotive article about how to treat a damaged battery so as not to cause new engine electricity problem at your cars. Please share with your friends about this information to make it more useful.

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