The Best Way To Kill Corona virus (Covid-19) In You Car – Pandemic Corona Virus (Covid-19) has been sweeping the world since end of December 2019. It is not yet clear when calamity of this deadly disease will end. We must know how to kill the corona virus or prevent contracting Covid-19.

We already know that washing hands regularly using disinfectants is a way to protect yourself from the deadly Corona infection. But what about our car’s cabin, can it also be cleaned with soap or disinfectant?

The survey results show that nearly one third of car owners only clean their car interiors once a year. And even the other 12 percent never do it, as quoted by Such habits have potential to have dire consequences in the case of deadly corona virus.

Why need to Clean the Car?

In the midst of the rampant Covid-19 outbreak, cleaning the interior of the car is also a basic necessity to prevent our car from becoming a means of transmission of the virus that resulted in the Covid-19, because cars are more likely to be in cold temperatures when used and immediately enter the garage which also cold when not in use.

Many sources say that the corona virus can survive for days on the surface of cold temperatures. There is strong evidence that Coronavirus can survive on the surface from four to nine days. They last the longest in very fine and non-porous materials such as glass and stainless steel.

Even if we are not people infected with Covid-19 through direct droplet breathing from positive sufferers. There is a possibility that our hands will become a means of entering the corona virus into the cabin of our car.

Car Parts That Should Get Attention

Experts recommend focusing on disinfecting the most frequently touched hot spots. You must pay extra attention to the steering wheel. Scientific facts show that the average steering wheel contains more than four times the amount of bacteria found in the toilet. That might be surprising, but it also happens to objects that are often touched by the hands such as computer keyboards and smartphone screens.

It is also necessary to clean the steering wheel routinely with disinfectant in the presence or absence of covid-19 outbreaks. It is better to prepare disinfectant wipes to routinely clean the parts that are often touched by the hand.

How to Clean Car Interiors to Avoid

Different from building houses, car interiors cannot be carelessly cleaned with certain materials. especially luxury cars with lots of soft-touch materials, leather or plastic and high-quality and expensive fabrics.

Don’t use bleach like Hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide on the interior surface of your car. Although both can effectively kill the corona virus on the surface of the material. These strong oxidizing chemicals will also damage your car’s upholstery.

Other cleaning agents that should be avoided are ammonia-based materials on car touch screens. This Cleaning agents can damage the anti-glare coating layer. Ammonia breaks down vinyl the dashboard, making it sticky when experiencing the sun’s heat.

Materials that can be used to Disinfect the Car Interior

Microfiber cloth

It is generally recommended to clean all interior surfaces of a car with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is made of cloth consisting of tiny pores. It’s effectively capture and sweep dust particles without scratching the surface of a smooth or shiny plastic.

If we use a towel or a rough cloth, dirt and debris will scratch the surface like sandpaper. So, potentially making a smooth surface of the car’s interior become a permanent blister

Alcohol-based disinfectants

Alcohol is believed to be the most effective ingredient in killing any microorganism including viruses. The material commonly used is 70% Isoprophil Alcohol solution. Unfortunately this material is becoming scarce and expensive in the midst of the 19th pandemic that is currently being hit.

Actually alcohol has long been suggested by car interior experts to clean the cabin of a car from germs and germs. This was also confirmed by Jeff Stout, executive director of global innovation at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors.

Yanfeng is the world’s largest supplier of automotive interior components. They use isopropyl alcohol to clean the parts in their own factory, and this solution is safe for almost every material they make, from plastic to chrome and synthetic leather.  This means that almost every interior surface of a car can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners. The good news is that most genuine and synthetic leather has been coated with urethane for protection, which makes it safe to clean with alcohol.

However, alcohol ingredients for disinfecting car interiors should not be done regularly in the long run is not recommended. Note that most of the skin is painted, so that over time, cleaning the skin regularly with alcohol and / or cleaning too hard can make it vulnerable to damage and discoloration, and will look worn out prematurely

Ordinary Soap

Unfortunately alcohol-based disinfecting liquids are now becoming rare and expensive goods because people are scrambling to buy these items. no need to worry! because ordinary soaps and detergents are also effective at killing corona virus. This has been explained by many experts because the chemical structure of the corona virus is easily destroyed by soap.

Coronavirus is surrounded by protein-based spines which act as facilitators to infect its host cells, without which they will not survive. Ordinary soap will destroy the protein material, thus effectively killing the corona.

Soap and water are also safe for most car interiors, except electronic components. Especially fabric and leather suitable to be cleaned with soap. However, be sure not to rub too hard, regardless of whatever liquid you are using because it risks mechanically damaging the surface of the material.

But cleaning fabric in a car’s interior requires patience and caution. It should be gently brushed gently in the same direction, then immediately wipe it with a microfiber cloth while it is still wet to prevent the foam from seeping into the fabric. Sprinkling too much soapy water into the fabric can make a lot of soap residue which produces an unpleasant odor.

Somethings That We Need To Attention

Keep washing your hands with soap before and after cleaning the car’s interior. There is no point in sterilizing the interior of your car, if you then touch the surface of the car’s interior material again shortly after handling objects in public with a hand that might carry the virus.

Keep carrying sanitizer wherever you go driving, and use it every time before entering your car. So we can be sure our hands do not bring the corona virus into the car cabin.

Do not leave alcohol-based sanitizers in the car. If the car is exposed to heat or is usually in a parking lot, the temperature tends to be hot, the alcohol may experience expansion and the bottle may explode and most likely result in a fire considering the lye is a flammable material.

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