The 6 Advantages Of Lexus LM 350 Than Toyota Alphard – The 6 Advantages Of Lexus LM 350 Than Toyota Alphard. Ladies and Gentleman,Toyota automotive manufacture have some luxury cars like Alphard and Lexus. These two cars have similar exterior and interior design, but Lexus LM 350 specs more superior than Alphard. Now, this luxury car already sell on some country in the world like Indonesian. With many high features, Lexus LM350 price more exspensive than rivals. Lexus LM 350 for sale with prices 3,035 miliar rupiah or 202.333 dollar US. Although sold with exspensive prices but lexus LM 350 already ordered by many people who love luxury cars.

2020 Lexus LM 350 have many high technology features to increase comfortable and safety for users. So, if we made a comparison betwen Lexus LM350 vs Alphard, we will meet some important things that not have on Alphard. Toyota Alphard or Vellfire users can make this 6 advantages lexus LM350 as alternative when you want to change luxury cars.

The 6 Advantages Of Lexus LM 350 Than Toyota Alphard, as below :

1. Big Grill

You will found uses a different grill betwen Lexus LM350 with Alphard. Toyota pairing spindle grill as lexus character. They adopt it from LS 500 design which has a tapered shape with chrome accents.

2. Luxurious Lights

Toyota Lexus LM350 using three led projector at each headlight and complete with DLR. This luxury cars also give a difference touch due to shape connecting lights Lexus LF-1. It’s make LM350 exsterior performances more elegant.

3. Infotainment System

This Lexus LM 2020 add infotainment system with display 26 inch touchscreen control at second row. You will find many connectivitas features like Android Auto and Apple Carplay. You can adjust air conditioner temperature, sunroof and seat control from this infotainment system.

4. Best Suspension In The Class

Toyota Lexus LM 350 using Swing Valve Shock Absorbers which better than another luxury cars. This suspension is an ultra low speed technology that using applied two hydraulic valves or add valves to shock absorbers. In another cars only use the main valve to reduce big vibration. So, if you using this Lexus LM350 will not disturbed by small vibrations.

5. Second Line Partition

Lexus also applies double layer anti noise technology trough out the glass and install second line partition betwen driver and passangers behind him. This second lind partition will reduce the sound more leverage and make passangers more exclusive.

6. 4 Passanger Configuration Options

Toyota give options 7 passanger or 4 passanger configuration to make more comfort and exclusive. You will not find this option at Alphard and Vellfire. If you want to buying this Lexus cars with 4 passanger, you must spend money 3,035 miliar for Indonesian markets or 202.333 US Dollars.

Ladies and gentleman, maybe it’s litle information about Lexus LM 350. You also get more information about interior exterior design lexus on youtube videos. Please share this automove article to others. thanks

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