Terms of Use

This Term of Service is made in good faith in order to maintain harmony as fellow users and providers of online information and for respecting the copyright of the Authors in cyber world. By using this Caruser.net, we hereby assume the users know and agree to abide by the conditions and the following provisions:



The users know that most of the content in this website is created by Caruser.net author, and the author has full copyright over the contents.

Some of the contents in this website are taken from other sources, could include text, images, video and others. Users agree that Caruser.net never claims the copyright of the contents. We will try to identify the source of the information that we’re addressing, but we can not guarantee that all of these sources can be fully informed to the users of this website.

The Users know that the images that we equipped with watermark are the images that we have modified as  per our requirement and we have full copyright over the modified images.

Some images on this website are taken from other websites, users agree that we never claim to be the owner of the original images in those website. The pictures we do not give the watermark are the property of its original source.

If you are the copyright holder of the images, and you are objected that it’s on our website, please file a complaint to us via the contact page or the comment column of the related articles. In order to maintain goodwill and harmonious relationships in the cyber world, we would remove the image and/or replace it with other image.

We allow users to copy and disseminate the pictures we have given the watermark on their website and/or social media accounts, as long as in relevant articles or discussions. With conditions, the watermark is not removed and the use is not contrary to the provisions of the user obligations which we describe under this provision.

About the contents contained in this website, we explain further more in detail in the “Disclaimer”.



The users are not allowed to claim the Copyright of the article contents on this website (in particular text and images with “Caruser.net” watermark), either in part or as a whole.

The users are not allowed to use the contents of this website for: activities that violate the law. Doing hate speech, such as: rant, insulting, harassing, demeaning, slander, defame, intimidate, denounced person/group/community/ethnic group/religion/a certain race. Mixing our contents with  pornography and violence matters and violating the norms of decency and also contrary to the values ​​of positive force.

The users are not allowed to spread viruses, files or code of a specific computer program that can cause damage and/or reduce the functionality of computer of other users and owner of this website.

The users are not allowed to write the link in the comment columns for the purpose of connecting Caruser.net with websites related to pornography, violence, horror (scary matters), abusive against humanity and religious beliefs, and so forth including the conflict with the norms decency and positive norms in force. We reserve the right to delete or not to publish comments containing links as we described above and we are not responsible for the content of websites that are connected via the comment columns (see the Disclaimers).

The users are not allowed to duplicate and/or modify and then distribute the whole or most of the text in one or more articles on this website (red: copy-paste), especially for financial gain, without the prior written permission from the author of Caruser.net.



We will contact the user who violates the above provision, to conduct discussions/negotiations in order to make improvements for the sake of good faith and harmony in relationships among information providers in the cyber world.

In terms of our requests for repairs are not addressed, or we can not find the media to contact the user, we will take a unilateral step which is required in order to maintain good ethics and respect for copyright of contents we’ve created with hard work and all sources that we have. But it is possible, we take the action unilaterally, without first trying to reach users who violate this provisions.

An example of unilateral step that we can do is to report the users’ website who violate the provisions, via Google DMCA page, especially if the offender is a publisher of Google AdSense ads. Other measures will be taken to different conditions, as appropriate and our capabilities. Users acknowledge and agree that we cannot be blamed or prosecuted for the actions of our copyright protection.

The users are obligated to request permission to us in writing, by including a clear identity and media for communication as required, in order to use the contents in the form of text, images, tables, graphs and other things in this website for their commercial or republishing purposes. The provisions of our contents utilization are explained in the sub-heading “User Rights” here under.



Obtaining information from the articles that we present in this website.

Providing relevant comments politely and in accordance with the ethical “User obligations” above.

Using the information in the website is limited to private or public purposes only (see the terms in “User Obligations”).

Sharing the articles on this website through social media accounts belonging to the users, such as facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, linkedin, etc., with reference to the terms of “User Obligations”.

Delivering questions, suggestions, criticisms and proposals of discussion material/articles to the author/owner of CaruserMagz.com through all provided communication channels in this website, such as: Contact page, comment columns, social media accounts, and so forth.

The users are allowed to take a small portion of text in the articles on this website, for their purposes, such as for car sales or other relevant professions, who think that our article can be used as promotional material on the website/social media accounts belonging to the users, with the following provisions: The text taken is not as a whole, but only a small part, namely a maximum of three initial paragraphs only.

The user is required to provide a link to Caruser.net and links to related articles on this website, in order to facilitate the readers of their website to read the full article on this website. The users of the website also informs the reader that the article is not a result of their work, but taken from Caruser.net. Users are required to abide by the terms “User Obligations” as a whole, especially in relation with copyright.



We can change/revise This “Terms of Service”  at any time if we consider as necessary without any notice to the users of this website. By using this website, automatically every user we deem understand and agree to the changes.