Not All The Rich Deserve to Buy a Ferrari! – If you think that as long as you have tons of dollars, it will be easy to buy a Ferrari even the most expensive one, then you are totally wrong! Buying a Ferrari is not as easy as buying the other brands.


Even to loose out millions of dollars to afford a Ferrari super car, the buyer must take pains and may have to beg the exotic Italian car maker.


He is Enrico Galliera, The one who’s dubbed as “Dr. No”. Because the Ferrari Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer is the one who delivered bad news with the word ‘No!’ to almost all the rich people who submit the applications to buy the Ferrari hyper cars.


Galliera can be considered as the most powerful man to the Ferrari’s customers. He’s the one who decided who can and should not buy a Ferrari car. He refuses more of purchase proposals than approves it. Although the prospective buyers are very rich gentleman.


“The hardest part of my job is to say no,” Galliera said with a laugh.


The Ferrari Boss may seem arrogant, but this is his daily job. This condition applies because the demand for Ferrari cars far exceeds the production capabilities of the Italian exotic cars manufacturer.


“We have much higher demand than the availability. So what we do is identify criteria that is rewarding good customers. The limited edition cars we consider a gift to our best customers.” Galliera said.


He also said that sometimes the pressure could be extreme. They forced by various arguments, that they are super rich and even king.


“At the very beginning you receive applications from people who do not deserve, they simply have the money. ‘I am the king of something, so I deserve the car,’ I say, Yes, but you are not a Ferrari client,” Galleria explained.


According to him, it becomes easy with some good understanding customers. For example Limited Edition cars, only offered to 200 best customers, and the good customers not including the top 200, mostly understand. But some of them are not used to hearing the word ‘no’. The unfortunate thing for Galliera is when to meet those difficult people at an event.


“The most difficult part of my job is when I join an event and the person is there, and he becomes hard headed, and he locks onto me and keeps asking and asking,” He said.


The painful thing for some people is that the Ferrari Boss bans its employees from buying Ferrari Cars. This is unique, because other manufacturers are advising employees to buy only the cars they produce. Again it is due to the booming demand of Ferrari from the multi-billionaires whole around the world, so the customers become the top priority.


“The philosophy is that with such limited production and clients waiting so long to get their car, it’s not nice if the car is delivered to employees. It is clients first,” Galliera said.


But there is an exception, the only Ferrari employee profession approved by Enrico Galliera to buy a Ferrari car is the Formula-1 Drivers from the Ferrari Team.


So do not be cocky that you’re going to buy a Ferrari limited edition car! If you’re not yet in the list of elite customers of Ferrari. Because it turns out the Ferrari’s boss could be much more arrogant. He will say “Who are you?” Even if you bring trucks with full of money inside.



Rahadian Abdhi

A car enthusiast who love to write his opinion about dynamic automotive world. The automotive technology development is something amazing to him.

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