Noise on AC Exhaust inside Car Cabin, The Cause and Solution

CARUSER.NET – Air Conditioner (AC) is one of the important features in cars. The health of this climate control feature plays a big role for the comfort of passengers. Even a symptom of problem, it must be addressed immediately to avoid a severe damage. Not only to avoid bigger repair costs, but also considering the effect of AC performance to the passenger health.

One of the problems symptom commonly occurs in car air conditioners is noise both on the AC compressor, as well as the noise coming from the exhaust (blower) of the AC inside the cabin. By this article, we’d like to share an experience about the noise came out from AC exhaust on the dashboard.

The noise was a sound like a whistle  which was initially soft, then grew louder and louder after about a week we let it go. Until it became too annoying, even though it seems not to decrease the temperature control performance.

The very first step we took was cleaning the cabin air filter from attached dust. But since it’s only a manual cleaning, it’s still not optimal. Hence, we found no change on the noise. This means that the problem was not caused by the dirty air filter.

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The Cause and Trouble Shooting

Then we took it to a Car Air Conditioning Workshop. The workshop technician immediately releases the AC blower under the dashboard then cleaned its fan from the thick sticky black dust with soapy water and brushes it.

The next step, he cleaned the blower dynamo with high pressured air blowing from a compressor. A lot of dust comes out of the air spray on the dynamo.

After washing and drying, the cabin AC blower was reinstalled. The result was that the noise on the air blowing completely disappeared, it became smooth again.


Possible Problems if Such Symptom is Ignored

According to the workshop technician, I did the right thing. If a slightest problem was identified, do not underestimate it. Because if it’s left unchecked, it may cause bigger problems and of course it will cost more to replace the blower.

In addition to reducing comfort, the noise on air conditioning is a sign that the motor on the blower works harder than normal conditions. If it’s allowed to drag on, it may cause the motor get burned.

In such case, you have to buy a new blower, which of course will need much more costs. Even worse for certain brands, such as CBU cars, it will take months for delivery from it’s origin country.

That is one of the causes and tips to overcome the noise on the exhaust air conditioner inside car cabin. Hopefully this article is useful for you guys. If you have a different experience, please share it on the comment column of this article.


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