Nissan Terra Pros and Cons, A Detail Review – What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nissan Terra? Here are the Nissan Terra pros and cons that you might like to know before deciding to afford the 7-Seaters ladder frame SUV. Let’s see more in detail about the benefits you may get by having the Terra and things you have to accept without complaint.

From its name, it seems as if Nissan Terra was the reincarnation of Terrano. But according to the car maker, Terra is a derivative of Nissan Navara, a double cabin truck that has been existed longer in global market. So Terra is Navara which is transformed into an SUV.

Nissan Terra jumped into the ladder frame SUV segment in global market that already been inhabited by Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (Montero), Isuzu Mu-X, Chevrolet Trailblazer, and Ford Everest which all of those have siblings in the double cabin segment.

Nissan claimed that their new big SUV has many advantages over its competitors, especially about intelligent features. Lets see whether the claim meets reality.




Exterior Design

Actually assessing design is about each person’s taste that certainly will have vary points of view. Not a few people say the appearance of the Nissan Terra is boxy, outdated and less modern. Some other say that it could look dashing, if only it was released in 90’s.

But to be honest, there is another point of view that may raise the value of Nissan Terra in terms of exterior design. It has a charisma as the mature people’s car. Quite reasonable that Nissan well understood who will be the buyers of this new SUV.

For those who like the shape of American boxy car, Nissan Terra could be considered a bit similar to the Toyota Land Cruiser. Even though it might be somewhat excessive to equate Terra with the famously expensive LC. Then you may look well-established and rich by having this big SUV.



What interesting from the interior of Nissan Terra is that it has relief cabins with nice synthetic leather on the seats. So the seats are quite comfortable for driver and passengers.


Engine and Power

Engine and its power are the main advantages of Nissan Terra compared to all its competitors in the 7-seater ladder frame SUV segment. Terra replaced the position of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport as the most powerful big SUV in its class.

Following is the Nissan Terra Diesel engine specifications:
Engine: YD25DDTi – Turbo-Diesel (VGS) with inter-cooler.
Capacity: 2,500 cc 4-cylinders in-line.
Power : 190 PS at 3600 rpm.
Torque : 450 Nm at 2000 rpm.
Automatic transmission 7-speed (triptronic).

While the previous king only has 180 ps and 445 Nm of Torque. Hence, the power is the selling point for Nissan Terra that it will be pleasant enough for its driver.


Driving Control Features

Big power of the Nissan Terra is supported by various control features such as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Cruise Control, independent rear suspension, Braking features namely ABS + EBD + BA, precision steering feedback and so on.

So that beside the engine specifications, control features are the Terra’s superior selling points. Then the Nissan Terra is more fun to drive than the Pajero Sport which has been considered the best in its class.



Comfort on Nissan Terra is quite good because of the following factors:

  • The sitting position of the front cabin seats is quite comfortable, especially for driver.
  • The double wishbone suspension on the front wheels and the independent 5-link suspensions on the rear wheels make the Nissan Terra swings nicely in bumpy roads.
  • Leather upholstery on all seats and arm rest on the door trim makes the seat comfortable.
  • An arm rest in the middle of the second row cabin.
  • Wide visibility to front, side and rear.
  • The soundproofing of the cabin is good, both the sound from outside and the engine are quite soft. Road noise is also very well muted.


Advanced Features

In terms of features, Nissan Terra is quite tempting. There are many latest features, even some are not existed in all of its competitors. Here’s the list of features available on Nissan Terra:

Intelligent Around View Monitor – Makes it easy when parking with 4 cameras that provide bird view, which are: 1 camera at the front, 1 behind and 2 each at the bottom of the rear view mirror.

Intelligent Rear View Mirror – With the help of a camera on the back that displays it on the rear view mirror, making it easier to view behind the car, even though the rear cabin is filled with passengers.

LED Projector Head lamp with LED Daytime Running Light.

Power windows with auto up-down on the driver’s side.

Retractable Door Mirror or folding electric door mirrors.

Various buttons and electric settings such as: On-off parking sensor button, Button to fold seats in the second row, Electric seat arrangement for driver seat, audio steering switch, VSC on-off button, HDMI port for multimedia, leveling head lamp, button to open the trunk door from the driver’s cabin.

One touch tumble in the second row seat.

Large TFT MIDs and display complete information. Like the tilt of the vehicle with the Inclino-meter feature, pressure of each tire, fuel efficiency, blind spot monitoring, power distribution on the tire, and others.

Start-Stop Engine button and smart key entry.

Automatic Digital AC with dual zone (in the highest type) which is also equipped with heater.

The on-board entertainment system in the form of a rooftop monitor for entertainment for passengers in the second and rear row cabins.

Sun visor completed with vanity mirror and lights for driver and front passenger.

Safety features such as: Hill Start Assist, 6 Airbags, Vehicle Dynamic Control, seat belt with height adjuster on the front seat, ABS+EBD+BA, Zone body construction (safe frame structure), Tire Pressure Monitoring, Blind Spot Warning,


Accommodation and Practicality

Extensive baggage and height Рflat floor plus closed storage space under the floor of the trunk. Abundant storage space in the cabin, such as the Console box and arm rest, 4 cup holders in the front cabin plus 2 on the dashboard, 2 in the second cabin and 4 in the rear cabin, spacious glove-boxes, seat back pockets and others.

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Nissan Terra Pros and Cons - Interior
Nissan Terra Pros and Cons – Interior



Some things we consider as improvement opportunities on Nissan Terra, so that this car will be more in line with its quite expensive price, the following things need to be improved by Nissan, including:


Dashboard Design and Material

The Nissan Terra dashboard is dominated by hard plastic, a common part with Navara which is a field car. There is no ornament on the dashboard to beautify it, it would be better if synthetic leather, piano black or wood panels is attached to the center cluster.


Head Unit

The center-cluster monitor screen looks cheap because it looks like an after-market accessories. It would be nice if the head unit made in special design just like in medium SUV vehicles such as the Hyundai Santa-Fe or Mazda CX-5.


High Floor

The sitting position in the second and third row cabins are less comfortable for passengers with high posture due to the high floor position. It’s even worse in the third row seats that it’s just like put on the car floor. This sitting position will make the passengers get easily tired during long trip.


Narrow Rear Cabin

Despite its massive body, it turns out that the rear cabin cramped. This third row cabin will only be spacious if the second row seats are fully pushed forward, even though it will make the middle passenger uncomfortable. The rear cabin is only suitable for children.


Drum brakes

With a quite high price, Nissan Terra’s rear brakes have not been disc brakes. It’s actually not a big deal for safety. But in term of appearance, the disc brake will be good looking indeed.


Steering Settings

With the luxury features of the front cabin, unfortunately that steering settings can only be tilted and there is no telescopic setting that can advance steering wheel backwards. While actually telescopic will be very helpful to adjust the driving position.


AC Exhaust for the rear cabin

The appearance of air conditioning devices on the rear cabin looks cheap, which is on the roof with a shape similar to what we usually find on buses. This reduces the impression of luxury in the cabin.


Head Rest

The second row cabin can be loaded with 3 passengers, but unfortunately there is no head rest for the middle, so it is less safe for adult passenger. The seat is better for children only.


Operating Cost

Another possible weak point is operating cost, since it’s a Nissan car that the spare parts and services costs are quite higher compared to other brands. So the owners of this car should know and be prepared not to complaint about it. Don’t expect cheap operating costs, if you have a Nissan car.



From the above review about the advantages and disadvantages of Nissan Terra, we conclude as follows:

Nissan Terra Strengths : Power, Control, Comfort (suspension) and Advanced Features.
Nissan Terra Weaknesses : Interior design, dashboard materials and the sitting position on the rear cabin.

Thus a review about the pros and cons of the Nissan Terra, hopefully you get useful information from this article. If you have different opinions or information, don’t hesitate to share it on the comments column.


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