New SUV Kia Seltos VS MG ZS Comparasion, SUV MG ZS Be The Winner!! – New SUV Kia Seltos VS MG ZS Comparasion, SUV MG ZS Be The Winner!! Kia Seltos and MG ZS are two cars that have just enlivened the SUV world in Indonesia. Seltos is a Korean car thick with European flavor. MG ZS is a British brand that produced in Thailand and owned Chinese company.

Many people who commented that Seltos is a more attractive car than MG ZS. What do you think? Will the same comment with many people? Really, Seltos SUV has an advantage over MG ZS in terms egine performances. But, not all of the features and characteristics of the Kia Seltos are superior, MG ZS also has advantages that we deserve to consider.

The Kia Seltos SUV is powered by a more powerful engine with a 1,400 cc turbo configuration and a 7 speed dual clutch transmission. The Kia Seltos can reach 140 hp and 242 Nm of torque. The MG ZS of the 1,500 cc engine is enough at 114 hp output and 150 Nm of torque which is then distributed via a conventional 4-speed gearbox.

In addition, many people also say that the appearance of the Seltos SUV is more beautiful than the MG ZS. Howewer, MG ZS actually also has a special appeal that is able to surpass Seltos. MG ZS SUV prices are cheaper than Kia Seltos. The Ignite MG ZS as the most expensive flagship alias, valued at Rp. 289.8 million which means it is cheaper than the cheapest Seltos which is Rp. 295 million (Kia Seltos E).

Then there is the sunroof-panoramic feature in the MG ZS Ignite ceiling that Kia Seltos does not even have the most expensive (EX +). Seltos EX + has a sunroof, but not panoramic, so the dimensions of the glass roof are not as big as in MG ZS.

Kia Seltos or MG ZS, of course everything has advantages and disadvantages depending on which one. That’s some information about the SUV Kia Seltos vs MG ZS.








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