Mitsubishi Mirage with Dynamic Shield Design was Rendered – Mitsubishi has a distinctive design tagline called Dynamic Shield Design. It is the front fascia that integrates the head lamp, grille and bumper to form the letter X. This distinctive feature is pinned on every line up of the latest Mitsubishi cars.

Until the end of 2018, the only Mitsubishi car that we have not seen the appearance with Dynamic Shield Design is the city car Mirage. While most of other models are already using the typical tagline by several world premier.

Including in Japan as the home country of the small hatchback, the Mitsubishi Mirage still using the latest fascia. Even in some countries like Indonesia, the Mirage was already discontinued.

An Instagram account namely RBAdesign tried to guess the appearance of the Mitsubishi Mirage with a Dynamic Shield. The results of the rendering look suitable for the agile Mirage figure, making it even more futuristic.


Mitsubishi Mirage with Dynamic Shield by RBA Design - Rear
Mitsubishi Mirage with Dynamic Shield by RBA Design – Rear

The overall form of the rendering does not change the default shape of the Mirage, we can steel see it from the side appearance. This design pins the Mitsubishi Xpander fascia to the face of Mirage with changing on the headlights, as well as some parts on the side and rear.

This can be seen from the shape of the LED at the top of the headlight and the shape of the grille. On the back, the thing taken from the Xpander is the rear lamp. On the side there are black accents on the C-pillar that are the same as those of Xpander.

RBA Design often makes rendering to guess the latest models of cars and motorbikes. Also not infrequently make a combination of several cars. Even though it’s not quite right, the digital works are pretty good.


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