Mitsubishi Xpander Official Teaser was Released, Dashing with SUV Style! – The new Mitsubishi’s Small MPV is getting closer to the official launch in GIIAS 2017. Its appearance is slightly revealed by Mitsubishi, announcing some black-and-white official teaser images of this new car.


The sighting of the MPV rumored as Xpander looks not much different from the concept version, the Mitsubishi XM-Concept that was showcased last year. Some differences were identified that make it more realistic as a production version.


From these front, rear and side view teasers, Mitsubishi announced an idea that this MPV has a SUV taste more than an MPV, thanks to the dashing appearance and dynamic shield face design.


Mitsubishi claims that their new hero will combine the comfort and outstanding flexibility with tough performance that has long been a brand image of Mitsubishi. For Indonesian consumers, this Low MPV will be powered by 1.5-liter  4-cylinder petrol engine.


Another claim is that this MPV will be longer and wider than its competitors in the low MPV segment. With the ultimate interior luxury, this car will have the highest standards in its class.


Whether in design, cabin relief, completeness of interior variations and features. So that the seven passengers will get better comfort compared to other low MPVs.


Mitsubishi Xpander Teaser - Back
Mitsubishi Xpander Teaser – Back


Front Fascia

What is visible from the front teaser is the position of the main light that is likely to be positioned on a part looks like a big fog lamp.


While in the section that usually becomes the main light is likely to be the position of LED-DRL which gives the futuristic character of this car.


But yet there is no more detailed official explanation about it. On the door mirror,  the turning lights is identified, while the front turning light will likely be positioned under the main light.


Rear & Side Look

At the back, the rear lamp extends to the D-pillar and trunk door, remembering us of the New Honda CR-V turbo. The rear design of this MPV will look more towards the SUV, thanks to bumper protector ornamented with silver.


While on the side view, what has been clear is the position of the fuel tank hole on the left side. The aerodynamic line is aligned with the door handle, curved toward the front wheel fender, and continued to the rear lights.


The beautiful design is the aerodynamic shape on the roof that gives more futuristic look. This sloping roof line gives a strong aerodynamic impression, continued to the top of the trunk door that extends just like a spoiler. The long dimension of this car is seen from the presence of additional glass under the A-pillar, the visibility of this car seems to be wide.


This Mitsubishi Xpander will be a very seductive car from many sides. This car meets almost all expectations of Indonesian automotive consumers who want accommodation for many passengers, a handsome look nuanced like an SUV and an affordable price.


Mitsubishi Xpander Teaser - Side Look
Mitsubishi Xpander Teaser – Side Look


How about The Price?

It is rumored that the new car will be cheaper than the Avanza in the lowest and medium variants, but will be priced in the low-SUV segment at the highest variant. Yet there has been no official release of the price, but this issue was revealed by many of Mitsubishi officials.


This small MPV will be produced at Mitsubishi’s new plant in Cikarang, West Java and will be first exhibited in the GIIAS Exhibition on 10 – 20 August 2017.


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