What Make Mitsubishi Xpander Better than Its Competitors

Caruser.net – New Low MPV from Mitsubishi that rumored to be named ‘Xpander’ is highly expected by prospective buyers and automotive enthusiasts, especially in Indonesia. Then what make Mitsubishi Xpander better than its competitors? Here are the list.


Reportedly, although it has been warned not to booked early, Mitsubishi dealers are forced to accommodate the ordering of this car, before the production version of the XM-Concept is officially launched.


In cyberspace, the Mitsubishi Xpander is starting to invade. This is proven by the increasing number of keywords ‘Mitsubishi Xpander’ in google search.


As if constantly heating up the marketing engine, Mitsubishi leaks bit by bit of information and restricted mainstream media to review the details of this car before the official launch.


Some Indonesian mainstream media were invited to  Mitsubishi testing facility, Nagoya Plant Japan on Saturday, July 15, 2017. They were gifted a golden opportunity to perform the test drive exclusively on this Mitsubishi’s low MPV.


Sporty and Modern Exterior


According to OtoDriver.com journalists who performed the test drive, this Mitsubishi Expander has a sporty impression and looks more luxurious than its competitors. They also said that this low MPV has higher ground clearance than others in its class, possibly more than 20 cm.


They closely observe  the exterior, it looks a lot of sharp, modern and dynamic curves on the grand new car. This could change the entire competition in low MPV segment, especially in Indonesia, as the biggest MPV Market in Asia.


Luxury and Spacious interior


The detail of interior also amaze the journalists. Unfortunately they were not allowed to take photos of the cabin. As per their report, this Mitsubishi Expander’s cabin looks more luxurious, leaving far its competitors.


It seems that Mitsubishi give one of their top priority to the comfort for passengers and driver. It’s proven by the presence of thick, padded and comfortable seats with semi-bucket design. The seats provide a fitting ergonomic to support the passenger body properly.


What they think is very special is the outward view that feels spacious, thanks to wide glass, spacious dashboard and A-pillars that minimize the blind spots.


The second row cabin is also spacious and the provide room is ideal for low MPV. The 3rd row cabin also accommodates well, even for people with 180cm tall. That will be a challenge for Suzuki Ertiga who have a shortage in the relief of this 3rd row cabin.


Good Suspension


Thing that will be one of the advantages of the Mitsubishi low MPV is a comfort slam suspension. The journalists reported that this Xpander was given a Mitsubishi sport suspension.


The suspension that has a character as if hardened when crossing the smooth road for more stability. But it will provide a swing that does not shake as it passes through uneven roads.


The information from the journalist who performed the test drive, gives us the idea how good this Mitsubishi Xpander will be.


It could be the best family car in its class, both in terms of design and luxurious cabin, comfort and quality of manufacturing. This will be a very seductive car, as long as it is not overpriced.


Competitors such as Toyota Avanza, Honda Mobilio and Suzuki Ertiga should be alert and immediately plan a significant refresh to fight this new Mitsubishi hero.


Moreover strong rumors were already blown up by many statements from the Mitsubishi officials, that the price of this MPV will be cheaper on the standard and medium variants than the mainstream MPV called Toyota Avanza.


For those who wants to buy a family car in this segment, you’d better be patient until August 2017, because this car will be exhibited and available for order at the event of Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2017. As usual, there should be some bonus for the buyers who order this car during the exhibition.


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