Mitsubishi Xpander is Front Wheel Drive (FWD) MPV, Can It Beat Toyota Avanza? – Today, July 24, 2017, The new Mitsubishi small MPV was officially launched in Jakarta, Indonesia. Even though the name of this MPV is not announced yet, some information of its specification were unveiled to the Indonesian Medias.


One of the information we noticed is about its powertrain and wheel driving. This MPV finally knows as a front wheel drive (FWD) car, instead of rear wheel drive (RWD) like Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia.


About the powertrain, it will has 1,500 cc petrol engine 4-cylinders connected to the front wheels with 5-speed manual transmition or 4-speed automatic transmission.


Also reported that the weight of this Mitsubishi Expander will be heavier than its competitors such as Honda mobilio, Suzuki Ertiga and Toyota Avanza, because this car also has bigger dimensions.


The total dimensions of this Mitsubishi Expander is PxLxT = 4.475 x 1.750 x 1.700 mm, which means, it’s longer 285 mm, wider 90 mm and taller 5 mm than the main competitor, the Toyota Avanza.


Another good news is about the ground clearance that reach 205 mm, it’s 5 mm taller than the Avanza. The cabin dimension is also much spacious with total 2.840 mm length dan 1.410 mm wide.


All of Avanza’s FWD challengers are Failed!


Well, back to the wheel drive, then in our opinion Expander possibly fared with the other Avanza’s challengers, such as Mobilio and Ertiga, because the history of failure FWD Low MPV in Idonesia is long ranging, started by Nissan Grand Livina to the Last there was the Chevrolet Spin.


If the mainstay are the features and sporty exterior design nuanced like an SUV, it is not enough to shift the Avanza from the low MPV throne in Indonesia. Because either myth or not, Indonesian consumers still doubt front wheel drive MPVs. Unless Mitsubishi makes a surprise by making a choice of RWD and FWD at once for this Expander.


Indonesian Mindset of FWD Car


Much of the word-of-mouth doctrine created a worry to the prospective buyers that the front-wheel drive car is less resilient to exploring varied terrain, much less the climb roads.


Besides, the rumors scare the potential customers that the FWD car is easily troubled with the front wheel legs, and if the problem comes, repairing costs will be very expensive.


These issues have contributed significantly to the detaining of Mobilio and Ertiga who can only taste the runner-up seats from the best-selling low MPV until today. Because the Toyota Avanza still stands out on its victory in the segment of buyers with mass quantity, such as cars for the company’s operations, car rental entrepreneurs, online taxi drivers and so forth.


So that the FWD challengers of Toyota Avanza, can only compete for the private car segment, that most consumers are still strongly indoctrinated by the toughness of RWD cars.


So .. We’ll see whether Mitsubishi Expander will triumph to be the first FWD MPV to overthrow Toyota Avanza hegemony in the fattest passenger car market in Indonesia.


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