Honda Accords Recall Campaign due to Fire Risk in United State

CARUSER.NET – Honda Accord recall campaign was announced by US Honda. The 10th generation Honda Accord has just been launched in the United States. But there are unsightly news for the previous generation Accord. U.S. Honda officially announced a recall campaign on a certain year’s Accords, due to the risk of fire.


The recalled Accords were the cars produced in the range of 2013 to 2016, Honda states the amount is not less than 1,150,000 units Accord. Another Million will be recalled globally due to the same issue.


The fire risks was caused by errors in the 12-volt battery sensor. In more details, the core problem is the poor sealing of the sensor that has the potential to cause corrosion or rusting.


In a long time, if the sensor is kept open will contact with moisture and salt during winter season and then cause corrosion, which could lead to short circuit and trigger a fire in the engine chamber.


The sensor is placed on the battery negative cable in the engine compartment. This sensor is functioned to read the battery condition and inform the driver through the display cluster if a battery problem occurs.


This recall is not just happening, but four Accords were burn in the United States due to the failure sensor. Fortunately there were no casualties from the incidents.


The U.S. Honda will send an email to the owners of the infected Honda Accord by the end of July 2017. Then they have to send the car to the nearest official honda workshop for Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code (DTC), battery sensor testing and replacement.


The manufacturer said, because of the large number of recalls and narrow time, they have not prepared enough parts for replacement. So that they cannot perform simultaneously replacements. Hence, only Accord with a critical sensor that will soon be replaced.


For the rest, the authorized workshop technicians will check the condition of the sensor, if it can still be used, then it will be sealed with adhesive temporarily to prevent contact with moisture. If a surrogate sensor is available, the owner will be called again for replacement.


No news from Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) whether Honda Accord in Indonesia with the same year production also experienced this problem. Hopefully it will not happen to Honda Accord produced in Indonesia, so the owner of Accord in our country do not have to bother and worry.


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