Mercedes AMG Project One, a 1000 HP Hypercar with F1 PowerTrain – Mercedes will introduce its new hybrid sports car at the Frankfurt International Motor Show 2017, called as the Mercedes AMG Project One which is claimed to be the first legal road hypercar to use the Formula-1 (F1) powertrain.

Mercedes seems to want to show, not just Ferrari and Lamborghini are capable of making up to 1000 hp powered hypercar. What’s the point of winning the the Formula-1 events for Mercedes AMG, if it does not have road legal hyper cars. For that, Mercedes Benz designed Project One which adopted the F1 car technology.

The hypercar power will be spewed from a hybrid engine similar to the W08 F1, which includes 1.6-liter V6 engine combined with 4 electric motors.

In front there are two electric motors that can spin up to 50,000 rpm while hypercar is generally only 20,000 rpm, the third motor is integrated with turbo engine, while the fourth motor is integrated directly with the engine.

Each motor in the front produces power up to 160 hp (120 kW), an integrated motor with a combustion engine also produces 160 hp, while an electric motor on a turbocharger produces 120 hp (90 kW), its own combustion engine generates about 400 hp, so the total power collected from that combination is up to 1,000 hp.


The engine and electric motors of Mercedes AMG Project One
The configuration of engine and electric motors of Mercedes AMG Project One

Mercedes claims that the turbo lag does not exist anymore, even with this design the engine response is so much faster than the naturally aspirated V8 engine, thanks to electric motors support to its turbocharger system, in addition that the initial torque will be also provided by electric motors.

Road legal hypercar is claimed to pass the speed of 350 kph (217 mph), while for acceleration, AMG Project One is able to finish 0 to 200 kph in just 6 seconds. Note it! 200 kph in just 6 seconds!

The power from the engine is channeled into the rear wheels through an all-new automated 8-speed manual transmission developed specifically for this Project One. The gearbox is operated hydraulically with automatic and manual mode selections, where manual mode is operated through paddle-ship.

For the platform, it uses high-strength carbon-fiber monocoque body, with engine and integrated transmission also has a load-accommodating function, because both really support the rear suspension.


Interior of Mercedes AMG Project One
Interior of Mercedes AMG Project One

Inside the cabin, there is a pair of hi-definition 10 inches display screens. While the racing steering wheel is flatted on its top and bottom, with control buttons for driving mode and suspension settings, LED screens and also containing airbag for the driver. Just like other legal road cars, This Mercedes AMG Project One cabin is also equipped with air conditioning, power windows and rear-view camera.

Mercedes AMG Project One is only made as many as 275 units for the configuration of the left-side steering wheel. While the price is about $2.7 Millions. Insanely, all units have been sold out even before the prototype model exhibition at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The prospective owners of this hypercar must wait until the next 18 months, just to see what production version looks like, while to get the unit delivered, it could need longer time. But it make sense that this $2.7 Mio car is easily sold out, that $10 Million LaFerrari Aperta is also easly sold out. The world always has plenty of super rich people.


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