Influence of Corona viruses on Hyundai Motors Companies in China

Hyundai motors usually relied on china to supply auto parts for their manufacturing recent years. But after corona virus booming in china, hyundai strategy have big problem. So, Corona viruses make bad influence for Hyundai motors bussines. Because, hyundai motors manufactures relied supplier auto parts from china.

Kyungshin is one of many main suppliers auto parts that has rapidly boosted manufacture capacity in China over the past two decades.  Their companies using on the country’s lower labor costs and proximity to South Korea. But recently their operations hit hard by the corona virus.

Many employees can not going to work because corona viruses problem in china. Two manufactures plants extended holiday due to corona viruses problem, there are plants ini Jiangsu and Qindao. After extended holiday, Jiangsu plants come to continue producing auto parts and then supply to Hyundai Motors Companies.

Kyungsin that producing wiring harnesses really hard works to make up for production shortfalls. As you know, Kyungshin is auto parts makers that supplies almost half of wiring harnesses for Hyundai auto electrical system in South Korean.

They are has increased output at many factories in United States, India, Cambodia and South Korean. The companies was running producing around the clock. As Hyundai motor auto parts suppliers, it is a responsibility to fulfill buyer neededs.

When arrived times not match with schedule, the companies plans using planes as well to ship to speed up transport auto parts to South Korean. Hyundai told Reuters it was reviewing various measures to minimize the disruption.

The automaker’s South Korean hub accounts for about 40 percent of its global production, with vehicles exported to the U.S., Europe and Middle East as well as other countries. Many country in the world become a target market of Hyundai Auto Products.



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