Hyundai Wants to Conquer European Automotive Market in 2021 –¬†Hyundai, South Korean automotive giant has a big ambition to conquer the European automotive market. Hyundai wants to become the best-selling car manufacturer in Europe in 2021.

Thomas Alexander Schmid, the senior vice president and chief operating officer of Hyundai Motor Europe, presented the company’s vision to the media at the launch of Hyundai Fastback i30N and i30, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

“Hyundai wants to be the best-selling car manufacturer in Europe by 2021,” Schmid said.

“Our latest product is a significant booster for our ambition to launch 30 new products and derivatives across the Europe by 2021, which is why we call it the road to 2021,Schmid added.


The Segments

Hyundai’s products consist of 4 segments that are considered to be of great interest to European consumers. They are SUV, the passenger cars Model ‘I’, the performance division of Hyundai called Model ‘N’, The¬†Future mobility ie Electric Car like Ioniq and others.

“The number one is an SUV line-up. Two, is the mobility of the future. Three are the models we call our DNA, the ‘I’ family.While four is our high emotional model, N,” Schmid explained.


The Strategy

The Hyundai European officials believe that the goal is achievable. The increasing number of selling in Europe is triggered by the implementation of online sales strategy, just like what Tesla has done over the past few years.

“With the latest digital platform, we sell more than 100 cars in just a few weeks. We want to make it easy for our customers, therefore we are the best in customer satisfaction in Europe and for that we have made four pillars as business strategy,” continued Schmid.

This ambition may be realistic for Hyundai, but it certainly will not be easy to achieve. Hyundai is still in the back sequence in terms of car sales in Europe. In 2016, Hyundai is in the 14th best-selling order in Europe, which sells as many as 505,396 units of vehicles.

Manufacturers who outperformed, among others are: BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Citroen, Toyota, Nissan, Peugeot, Ford and last Volkswagen which is still leading with 1.7 million sales in Europe.

But if we look at the history of Hyundai backwards, the ambition is very likely to materialize. Hyundai revolution in various things such as design, quality, customer satisfaction and so forth provide a bright picture of the future of South Korean car maker.


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