How To Fix Autolock-Central Lock Car Door That Not Function – How To Fix Autolock-Central Lock Car Door That Not Function. As we know, function of central lock on car door is one of safety features. The door will be locked automatically if a certain entrance is needed when on trip.

When we travel with a family that still has small children, this central lock is very much needed. This condition is many safety features needed, Autolock-central lock car door very important. Small children are very happy playing door in the car.

The car door automatically locks when the car’s engine is started, this preventing the door from being opened by the children who are in the car when car starts. For the manufacturers must make the latest technology how to get more enjoy and safety.

For example autolock by speed, which is the door will be locked automatically when the car starts and has reached a certain speed that has been set, usually 20 km/hours. How does this autolock by speed system work? The car computer system automatically instructs the car’s motor drive to function when the set speed is reached.

What if suddenly this autolock car door system does not work? Where the automatic door locking system no longer  works as it should, so does when you want to lock the door using a remote keyless entry.

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