Daihatsu TAFT Concept Exhibited to Fight With Suzuki Jimny

Caruser.NetDaihatsu TAFT Concept Exhibited to Fight With Suzuki Jimny. Guys, Daihatsu Motor Japan Company already introducing Crossover Daihatsu Taft Concept at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. Sometimes before, Suzuki back to releases legendary SUV car, It’s Suzuki Jimny. It look like Daihatsu Motor don’t want lose, so that also releases¬† Daihatsu Taft Concept. These car model are equally legendary in 1990 years ago.

Suzuki car company really have great success after releases two type of Suzuki Jimny. Many Suzuki Jimny order from customer, so this automotive Japan Company overwhelmed fulfill demands in the world. Daihatsu motor take advantage of opportunities to build and releases Daihatsu Taft Concept. Maybe you are not yet know stands of TAFT? As you know, TAFT is Tough & Almighty Fun Tool.

Nevertheless, Daihatsu Motor don’t to be say which TAFT Concept is Suzuki Jimny Competitor. They are claim that TAFT Concept has own segment not like Jimny and Kei Car Suzuki Hustler. However, This Daihatsu car take the middle level and strategic position from two Suzuki car models.

This Daihatsu TAFT Concept using DNGA Platform and light crossover type can be use for daily activities or SUV stylish when traveling. New TAFT Concept exterior design still like box but have nuance more soft than TAFT as we know in it’s heyday. In years 1980 – 1990 Daihatsu TAFT have two type that are short and long.

TAFT HiLine is name for more long Daihatsu TAFT type that times. We need to know, TAFT HiLine very popular as mining and platantion operational cars because toughness on steep and uneven road terrain. Many company focus business in that field have many Daihatsu TAFT as operational cars.

Daihatsu Motor already announce in their official website that new Daihatsu TAFT can be order start 1 April 2020 only for japan consumers.

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