Comparison of Honda Mobilio Facelift 2016 vs Previous 2014-2015 Models – Connecting our earlier discussion about the Launching of 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift, in this review we would like to give you more details on the comparison and differences between 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift and previous Mobilio versions produced in 2014/2015.

Little bit repeating some previous information, that the facelift performed by Honda to Mobilio is focused on the interior changing. This is a prescise action taken by Honda because so many critics are quite scathing by almost all reviewers, netizens and users of Mobilio itself all around the world, related to the interior quality and design that look cheap and less luxury compared to usual Honda’s cars.

So let’s zoom the detail comparisons between 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift and the older Mobilio versions, as follows:


1. Change on Dashboard Design

This is an appropriate improvement performed by Honda to Mobilio, because the Mobilio’s dashboard on the first generation version was massively judged not in harmony with the exterior design that looks contemporary and sharp. Interior design and materials quality of Mobilio before 2016 facelift made it look like a car from the past, the impression of cheap and rough plastic created users opinion, as if Honda simply rely on the exterior only.

During the initial appearance, at the first sight to the Honda Mobilio exterior, many people fell in love and wanted to own it, but the admiration was lost when they found that the cabin are less attractive and very flavorful of cheap car namely LCGC.

It is quite difficult to find the perfect car according to our wishes, if we may order a car by combining the condition of various brands, maybe a lot of people will order that the quality and interior design of Suzuki Ertiga incorporated into the cabin of Honda Mobilio.

But that was the past, now 2016 Honda Mobilio  has more attactive dashboard compared to the previous version. Look at the visualization of the dashboard comparison in the following figure:


Dashboards of 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift vs The Previous Mobilio
The Dashboards of 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift vs The Previous Mobilio

The new dashboard of this 2016 Mobilio facelift is actually made exactly as the Honda BRV’s, what differenciates it with BRV’s dashboard is only two tone color for Mobilio S and E types. Futuristic and sharp Honda’s typical shape is already embedded in the driver’s cabin of the 2016 Mobilio.

Material quality is much better, carbon and chrom shades adorn the dashboard in front of the first cabin passenger. The old and cheesy look dashboard has been removed and rounded pattern on exhaust and air-conditioning panel have been changed.

Unfortunately, the owners of older Mobilio have to bite their own finger (cannot do anything, even they want it so badly), because the new dashboard is designed not compatible with the old Mobilio and Honda does not facilitate for the dashboard replacement.

If you want to feel the sensation of the new dashboard luxury, it’s easy buddy! Just sell your first Mobilio and simply buy the new 2016 Mobilio facelift. For those who have big budget, surely this is not a problem,  isn’t it? but propably it’s better to consider replacing it with nice looking Honda BRV.


2. Improvement on Audio System

Improvement for Head Unit of Mobilio Type S
Improvement for Head Unit of Mobilio Type S

If the previous version, Mobilio type S was only equipped with a single din head unit, the 2016 Mobilio facelift Type S has been equated with type E manual which equipped with JVC double din head unit. As for the E-Matic (CVT) type and the  RS type (flagship) of 2016 Mobilio Facelift are equipped with a touchscreen head unit with 6.2-inch monitor.

The head unit improvement on this 2016 Mobilio Facelift shows us the seriousness of Honda to remove the cheap image on the interior of the Mobilio. Even the lowest type is no longer wearing a single din audio system, which is the standard feature of the common lowest types.

Unfortunately for the RS type as the highest variant, there is no official information from Honda wheather this car is already equipped with satellite navigation feature, such a feature existing on the head unit of its competitor, the Ertiga Dreza. While this feature commonly exists in the highest types of car today. Fortunately the monitor screen already supports the reverse camera feature that already attached on the rear of 2016 Mobilio type RS.


3. New Digital Climate Control

Air Conditioning (AC) Panel on the previous Honda Mobilio seems very old design, it does not match the Honda’s common design as the maker of luxury cars. The climate control is not eye catching just like the LCGC cars that emphasize the functionality more than the car owner’s satisfaction of luxury.

Comparison of 2016 New and Previous Climate Control of Honda Mobilio

Improvement on the climate control significantly install the taste of luxury to the Honda Mobilio’s dashboard, both in the design, technology and materials quality. Unfortunately the previous Mobilio owners can not replace their air-conditioning panel with this luxurious climate control.


4. Double Blower Air Conditioning for Type S

The previous Mobilio type S is only equipped with air conditioning exhausts on the front cabin, commonly called as single blower. By this 2016 facelift, Honda Mobilio type S no longer look as the cheapest MPV type, with double blower AC and  more additional features.


5. Difference on Meter Cluster Design

The instrument display behind the steering wheel of the 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift is made much simpler than the previous version, making it more friendly to the driver’s eyes, especially with the addition of LED on the circumference of the speedometer, tachometer and fuel indicator.


Comparison of 2016 New and Previous Meter Cluster of Honda Mobilio
Comparison of 2016 New and Previous Meter Cluster of Honda Mobilio

Unfortunately this new clustermeter is not made similar to the latest Honda Jazz’s which is the design basis of the Mobilio Facelift dashboard, which could make Mobilio be really fancy.


6. Auto up Power Windows

Improvements to the power windows are also made by Honda to this 2016 Mobilio Facelift, where previously the power windows control was not auto-up. Mobilio passenger now can simply full the button up and the glass will close itself perfectly.


Things are still criticized at Honda Mobilio Facelift 2016

The changes in the 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift makes it different from the previous version indeed. These increases are quite appropriate for Honda Mobilio and make it nearer to perfection. However, these improvements still cannot satisfy the automotive enthusiasts.

From the comments of netizens in online media, many still sneer some conditions that they think it has not been addressed by Honda. Based on our search to the comments from netizens in online and social medias, the following things are still criticized by netizens and the automotive enthusiasts:

  1. Thin and less smooth seats remain the same with previous model.
  2. Front seat headrests remain not adjustable.
  3. Design of doortrim that still seems unremarkable, even nuanced as LCGC.
  4. The fascia design of Mobilio, especially the headlamp which still carries the taste of the cars before 2010.

That’s such a review we can brief you about the Interior differences and comparisons of Honda 2016 Mobilio Facelift with previous versions. Hopefully this information is useful for you, especially for those who are intended to buy the new Honda Mobilio. As a note for you, that we are trying to be as objective as possible in this review, because we are not affiliated and not paid by any certain brand.

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Happy buying your dream car!

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