Celebrities First Car You could be Frankly Shock to Know

CarUser.net Р World celebrities indeed have abundant of wealth along with their popularity. Imagining their cars will lead to luxurious brands with super expensive prices. Such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and so on. Those million dollar cars will look sparkly dashing indeed.

But this may not be what we imagined, when talking about the first car. Because they might not be as rich as today when they bought it, or maybe it’s about their unique taste of cars.

Following are Celebrities and their first cars that you may not think they are or even some are called terrible tastes for what we know about them today.


Cameron Diaz (Charlie’s Angel) – VW Camper Van

The most common among men’s mind about Cameron Diaz is a sensual beautiful face and a fantastic body. She’s indeed a gorgeous lady! Cameron Diaz fits out of the Limousin door or behind the red Ferrari steering wheel. But you will be surprised because her first car is a Volkwagen Camper Van that is really old school.


Cameron Diaz First Car - Volkswagen Camper Van
Cameron Diaz First Car – Volkswagen Camper Van


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