Welcome to Caruser.net, This site is an automotive-themed personal blog, especially cars. but it does not rule out the possibility to also discuss other vehicles, racing world, automotive technology, as long as it is related to the automotive topics. This site was launched on the beginning of Januari 2017, as the embodiment to pour my interest to the dynamic automotive world.

Caruser.net provides contents in english, while I also have a blog in Indonesian Bahasa version so called as CaruserMagz.com. This English version is aimed to reach the audience from various countries all around the world in sharing my passion about automotive.

While it might be my ability to write content in English is still quite limited, I strive to use simple sentences in order it can be easily understood by the readers. I will continue to improve the quality of my writing to comply with the English grammar correctly.

If you has encountered an error writing, such as typo and/or insufficient vocabularies, do not hesitate to submit your comments and suggestions via the Contact page or comment column of the related article.

In making the contents on this site, I try to present articles that describe news or automotive reviews objectively, without hiding things that I consider as the strengths and weaknesses or imperfections of the reviewed automotive products.

Because I’m not affiliated and not paid by certain automotive brands. So I hope this website can be an informative and fun reference for the readers, especially for car users and potential buyers of both new and used-cars.

I hope this site can be one of the references for car manufacturers of various brands to find out the wishes, opinions, complaints, and suggestions and criticism from the community of automotive enthusiasts and/or their consumers.

Through this page, I also want to assure the readers that Caruser.net is a safe website to be read by people of all ages, because it only provides the automotive reviews without any pornography and violence matters.

I also always moderate the comments from the readers to filter its content, so that the comments containing pornography and violence matters will not appear on the article comment columns.



This site is not an official media which consists of a group of people who have legal entities as a usual company. Please notify that this site is just a personal blog and managed only by one person. so that the contents will not strict to the journalism ethics as well.

That’s all the explanation regarding Caruser.net. I may revise or change this page at any time if consider necessary. I hope you can enjoy the articles and obtain the information to meet your requirements and expectations.

Warm Regards!
Yayan Abdhi