6 Easy Ways To Routine Check Your Own Car Disc Brakes System

Caruser.net – Easy Ways To Routine Check Your Own Car Disc Brakes System. Braking system is very closely related to safety aspects in driving, especially on used cars. It’s very important as a safety system for car users. Therefore, we must check the condition of the brakes regularly. Before use your car, check the condition of the car brakes for safety together.

The disc brakes system in the car must always be in the best performance. Therefore it is necessary to brake check regularly. Dave Stribling, in his book Auto Repair & Maintenance, said checking the disc brakes system must be done at least every 15 thousand kilometers. For brake type brakes (disc brakes), checking is fairly easy so we can do it yourself at home. while checking for more complex drum-type brakes, he suggests turning it over to a engine professional or an authorized service shop.

This time, Caruser will discuss how to easily check the brakes specially for car users with disc-type brakes. Actually there are many ways we can do to check braking system on the car.

6 Easy Ways To Routine Check Your Own Car Disc Brakes System :

1.Jack the car and remove the wheels.

Then check the wheels one by one and make sure the brakes are cool.

2.Check the rotor (disc disk).

Check whether there are color changes that indicate brake overheat, sticking material from the brake lining, or poor quality rotor material. Then, check that there are signs of uneven wear by rotating the rotor using hand and listening for different sounds. Next consider whether there are cracks or dents on the rotor and replace the component if it occurs.

3.Check the caliper section.

An easy way to check the caliper is to shake the caliper and see if the component starts to loose. Note also the signs of brake fluid leakage on the inside and outside.

4.Check the brake lining or brake pad condition.

Compare the thickness of the friction material with the back plate to find out whether or not the brake lining has sufficient thickness. The friction material on the brake lining must be thicker. Next check whether there is uneven wear on the surface of the canvas. We need to know that this condition is a sign of a problem with the piston or slide pins.

5.Check the brake fluid channel.

Check whether there are signs of brake fluid and rust leakage, for example in the hose and brake caliper. Do repairs in case of brake fluid leakage. If you can’t fix it yourself, you should take it to a car repair shop.

6.Put back the material on the braking part that had been dismantled and put the wheels and finally lower the car.

Double check to make sure all materials are installed properly. Test drive again the car before use for the next trip.

Dear Caruser, It’s 6 easy ways to check your own car disc brakes system that we can share for all of you. I hope this article about how to care for the car is useful for all of us. You can also visit me on youtube! Then, Please share this automotive article with others.



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