Gaikindo could Kick Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Out from the Association – The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) is an association of all automotive brands that sell their products officially in Indonesia. As an organization, Gaikindo has rules that must be adhered to its members. One of them is the obligation to inform publicly, about the sales performance of its products every month.

Mercedez-Benz Distribution Indonesia is listed as a member of Gaikindo. But unlike many other brands in Indonesia, Mercedes-Benz has a problem about the monthly report to the Gaikindo. Because the representative of the German brand was not willing to provide data on product sales per month since May 2017 ago.

Actually this incident has often happened with Mercedes-Benz, as the German manufacturer drowns sometimes give a report, sometimes not. Gaikindo parties still keep trying to keep Mercedes as a Gaikindo member, but until the end of 2017 the effort did not go with positive results.

Data released by Gaikindo throughout 2017, Mercedes-Benz Indonesia reported sales from January to April 2017, reaching 1,380 units. January 284 units, February 352 units, March 425 units, and April 319 units. the rest from May to December, the German brand did not send any report.


The Public Relation of PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia (MBDI), was not willing to talk about this issue. But Explanation from Gaikindo’s General Secretary, Kukuh Kumara, said that it happened because the principal from Germany did not allow sales data wholesales informed publicly.

“that was The reason. but for us, it can not be that way, as a member, it is mandatory (to send the monthly selling report). All other brands do it,” Kukuh said on Monday (1/1/2018).

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Gaikindo argued that the tradition of the automotive industry in Indonesia does not violate any rules and does not in contrary with the principle of fair business competition. Even it’s aligned with the Appropriate directives from the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU).

Related to this problem, Gaikindo still want to seek dialogue with PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia, in order to get the monthly data. However, if Mercedes insists, Gaikindo must take firm steps by removing Mercedes-Benz from its membership in Gaikindo.

But Gaikindo is not a Governmental Body, so that being absence in the Gaikindo membership, the brand can still sell its products in Indonesia.

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