5 Tips Car Engine Maintenance For Beginners

Caruser.Net – 5 Tips Car Engine Maintenance For Beginners. Now, cars are not a luxury because almost every home has a car. Every car owner would want his car to remain in the best performances and enjoy used. Therefore it is necessary to car maintenance in order to remain in the best condition. For people who have had cars for a long time and even changed cars, car maintenance is easy and common. They are already usually to doing car maintenance on a regular basis so they rarely experience significant difficulties. But for new owners, of course car engine maintenance is something new.

Car maintenance is important to keep the healthy and the car functioning properly. Car owner must carry out routine maintenance, both personally and with regular service to an authorized workshop. Generaly, new owner can’t do the engine maintenance yourself, please read more engine maintenance steps below.

5 Tips Car Engine Maintenance For Beginners.

As new car user, you can apply this 5 easy steps for car maintenance for beginners :

1. Engine Oil Checking

Easy way to check the condition of car oil by dripping a little engine oil on the hand. If it feels like there are flakes in it, it’s time to change the engine oil. To ensure that the engine works properly, change the engine oil every 5000 – 10000 km.

2. Make sure the clutch works normally

The problem that often occurs is usually the clutch can start to wear out after the use of the car for a long time. It’s characterized by the increasingly heavy gearshift so that it disrupts comfort driving. If your car is having trouble when shifting gears, check it in the car workshop

3. Radiator Water Checking

Make sure you fill radiator water regularly so that the engine can work well. We need to know that the radiator water is useful for cooling the engine while working. Therefore, we must keep the radiator water in a safe position.

4. Check electrical wiring and lights

We need to check the condition of the cables and lights of the car regularly. Do repairs if there are damaged cables such as broken, or loose connections. Before traveling you should check all cables and lights of the car to make sure the car is good condition.

5. Car Batteries Maintenance

Take care of the car battery. Make sure the battery water is at a safe level according to the minimum and maximum limit marking. Add battery water if the battery water condition is below the minimum limit. We can also do regular battery maintenance at the official battery workshop.

Dear caruser, we should do car maintenance at least at 5 points above. It’s good we also check the condition of the wipers, water wipers and car tires. I hope this automotive article on the 5 easiest car care steps will benefit us all. Please share this information about easy tips engine car maintenance to others via social media, messengers and blogs. Thanks

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