2019 Toyota Avanza and Xenia Revealed through Spyshot Photos

Caruser.net – The launch of the Toyota Avanza 2019 Facelift is getting closer. It’s rumored to take place in January 2019. Previously, there were leaked of presentation slides concerning the 2019 Xenia shape.

Two photos were published by OtoPlasa.com on December 29, 2018, referred to as the actual look of the 2019 Avanza or Xenia Facelift. The spyshot photos gave a clearer picture about the front and rear looks of the new model.

Unfortunately there was no logo of the brand on the nose of the car that give a description of whether the car is Avanza or Xenia. While even both cars are twin, there are always differences between them.

From the 2 photos, the things that we can see are the overall shape that is still like the current Avanza or Xenia. It’s easy to recognize that it’s the shape of the twin Low MPV we already know for long time.


A More Masculine New Face

The front sight of this car looks more masculine than the existing Avanza. It’s pretty handsome and seems to be very supportive if this car is made into an SUV.

Changes that are easily recognizable are the shape of the headlights and front bumper. The headlights look sharper where the back end of the lamp is no longer like a crescent moon. The good news is that the projector lights are already there.

While the front grille does not change its shape from the existing Avanza, it’s just that the integrated parts with the headlights are adjusted to adapt the new light shape. The overall bumper looks new, such as the edges that seem to be the fog lamp housing and the front air intake.


New Rear Design

On the back, the rear design is completely new compared to the current Avanza and Xenia. The appearance of this rear-end also gives a dashing look that fits an SUV car, it’s sexy! Not a few comments say this looks like a Honda Mobilio rear.


2019  Toyota Avanza Facelift - Spyshot Rear
2019 Toyota Avanza Facelift – Spyshot Rear

The rear lights are totally new with a nice shape and extensions on the trunk door, just like we’ve seen on All New Rush, Fortuner, or Hyundai and KIA cars.

Other new things identified from the photos are the horizontal line connecting the two rear lamps, chrome accents at the bottom of the trunk door, new rear bumper with reflectors, high mount stop lamp and shark fin antenna.


What New on the Side?

The photos also provide information about changes in the side, which include the presence of side-body-molding accented chrome on the door, new footstep, new alloy wheels with more crowded design, chrome accents on the entire bottom of the glass that continues to the D-pillars. A thin silver roof rail is also clearly detected.

So if the Mitsubishi Xpander looks like a baby-Pajero Sport, then this Avanza will look like Baby-Fortuner. if it is true that this is the 2019 Avanza, it turns out to be true the issue said that the 2019 Avanza-Xenia to be transformed into a crossover nuance.

But are these photos really the 2019 Avanza or Xenia Facelift? No one can guarantee it. Since the Otoplasa did not claim how accurate the information they got. Whatever the name and brand of this car, this is something new indeed.


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