2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift Launched in Jakarta, Indonesia

Caruser.net – Honda succeeded to close what will they do to Mobilio in 2016 from the medias in 2015. Many people though that Honda was already satisfied with the sales performance of Honda Mobilio and considered the Mobilio was still ahead of the competitors, so there should be no change on the Honda’s raising low MPV star.  Finally, the 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift was officially launched on January 19th, 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Not wanting to be left by the competitors who have launched their facelifts, Honda answering people’s desire for changing in Mobilio precisely by transforming its interior design, especially dashboard. Since its first lauching in 2014, Mobilio was massively criticized by almost reviewers all around the globe, about the interior design and material quality as a cheap-look design.


Mobilio was admired by many users of low MPV, due to the shape of eye-catching exterior, but many people deplored that the superior exterior design was not supported by the luxurious interior as well as common Honda’s products.


The most significant change in 2016 Honda Mobilio facelift is a total change in the design of the dashboard. The previous Honda Mobilio’s dashboard looks old with cheap taste. By this facelift, the taste of Honda’s luxury has been brought into the Mobilio driver’s cabin.


Interior of 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift


If we look more in detail, the dashboard of 2016 Honda Mobilio is not completely new, it is the design basis of the latest Honda Jazz, which has also been copied to Honda BRV with few changes. The difference between the dashboard of the 2016 Honda Mobilio vs the Honda BRV is about the color. Honda BRV takes a single black color tone, while Mobilio 2016 Facelift with two-tone color, beige and black. But the highest type, Honda Mobilio RS’s dashboard is made similar to BRV’s color.


Honda Mobilio RS Interior – 2016 Facelift


In addition to the dashboard changing, as if not to be outdone by Suzuki Ertiga Dreza that improves its audio system, 2016 Honda Mobilio facelift also have got a head unit with a touch-screen monitor. What also easily captured from the picture is the change on air conditioner panel which was a manual type, now it’s made more stylists with digital air conditioning panel. In this feature, Mobilio has outperformed the Grand New Avanza and Ertiga Dreza.


Exterior of 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift - New Alloy Wheels
Exterior of 2016 Honda Mobilio Facelift – New Alloy Wheels


At the exterior side, it is the form of alloy wheels which appear to be more simple. But this might be for the standard variant, while for the RS type, will likely continue to use alloy wheels with two-tone color.


by these changes, the 2016 Honda Mobilio facelift is more perfect than the previous model. Honda is smart in attending the public interest of its products. Well done Honda! The taste of cheap interior inside the previous Honda Mobilio has been removed. Homework for Honda is to change the face of Mobilio which less sharp compared to common Honda’s car design.


Toyota has changed the Avanza, Suzuki already launched the Ertiga Dreza and Honda does good improvement on Mobilio. Another well-known low MPV that has not changed until now is the Nissan Grand Livina.  The competition is less interesting in the arena of low MPV if one of them is not well armed with the facelift.


What do you think about this 2016 Honda Mobilio facelift? If you are already interested in buying another, you should probably see more in detail this new Honda Mobilio, you are free to change your minds. Feature additions and changes to the interior will certainly lead to changes in price. Let us wait for the price release for the 2016 facelift Honda Mobilio.


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