10 Things to Check Before Long Trip by Car

Caruser.net – For those who are going to take a long trip by own car, some preparation are not something that can be considered negligible. Because many conditions will be vary on the highway that the challenges and obstacles will be far more than normal daily trip.

Moreover some road conditions are not well known since it’s not the route we pass regularly. the car will also work harder for longer hours across various road conditions.

Hence the car will need it’s prime condition. Even a little problem occurs on car during the trip, it will matter a lots to the trip, since the distance limits the resources that we require to fix the car.

Detailed inspection should be done a few days before leaving, here are 10 things that must be considered:


1. Engine and its Supporting Parts

We recommend to conduct a standard tune-up on your car in a trusted workshop, so that you  thoroughly check and clean the important parts that support engine performance. For example spark plugs, carburetors, fuel lines to the combustion chamber, oil conditions and so forth.

If you’re in doubt to the spark plug condition, you’d better replace all spark plugs with the new one, so you can ensure the ignition problem will not occur during the trip.


2. Battery

Remember how many years old your car battery is, if it’s been more than 2 years, it’s best to check the voltage. If the voltage is below 11 volts when the engine is not ignited, it should be replaced with a new one. Because the battery problem during the trip is certainly not a good deal.

If you don’t have any device to check it, your may take your car to the battery shop, to ensure the condition of the battery and the alternator, so that it is ensured comprehensively.


3. Radiator Coolant

Make sure the radiator liquid is in acceptable level. If necessary, drain the old radiator coolant and replace it with a new liquid in a full level according to the standard. Use coolant water specifically for car radiators, better to choose high performance one.


4. Brakes and Legs

The brake function is vital as a safety feature. We recommend that you do not underestimate the car brakes and legs. If you can do it yourself, check the condition of the brake system, if it’s still good, at least you can clean it.

If you feel unsure, you should take it to your mechanic to check and clean everything related to the brakes and wheels legs.


5. Tires

If your tires are old enough, it’s best to replace it with a new tires. Because old tires have a lot of weaknesses, such as more brittle and no longer provide good flexibility for comfort.

But if you are still pretty sure about the condition of the tires, you should also keep checking and ensure there are no defects that endanger the trip. Whether there are cracks on the sidewall or other abnormal conditions.

Spare tire are also important to check and it must be in prime condition. Many people forgot to check the spare tire. Then it turns out not ready to use, such as the air pressure is inadequate, or the rubber is brittle and so on.

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6. Lights and horns


The function of the lights is also critical, because long trips are usually taken both day and night. The front and rear main lights need to be ensured not only the function, but also the condition of the bulb, cable installation and socket connection.

Signal lights must also be ensured that everything works properly. Such as turning and brake lights, high mount stop lamp, hazard lights and stop lamps.

Another important thing is horn function for safety. If necessary, you can ask an electrician to check and repair the car electricity.


7. Wiper

Check and make sure the wipers are in good condition. Replace the wiper rubbers if it has hardened. The washer function is also need to ensure. In rainy condition or muddy road, a good wiper will play its role to make a clearer view.

Fully load the wiper liquid including its special soap to support the wiper performance. It’s better to provide a wiper soap and clean water to refill the wiper liquid, in case it’s emptied due to massive requirement.


8. Tools and Car Fittings

The completeness of car fittings needs to be ascertained includes: standard tools for tire replacement such as jack and wheel key. If necessary, prepare tools kits that contain wrenches, screwdrivers and so on.

If possible, also provide a fire extinguisher in the cabin just in case. A safety triangle should also be available, so that it can be used to sign on the road when your car breaks down and needs to stop on the road side.


9. First Aid Kit

Indeed, we all hope that the trip will run smoothly without any disruption or accident. But the potency for an accident is always there, even if it causes a minor injury only. We recommend to ensure the first aid kit is ready and complete.


10. Driving License

Finally, don’t forget to bring your vehicle registration document and the driving license. Such documents and license will be highly important when you get in to checking line by authorities.

Make sure all the documents related to the vehicle you are carrying are still valid and correct. Don’t take it wrong, in case you have more than one car or other rides.

Those are the 10 things to be considered, ascertained and checked before leaving on a long trip by car, in order to avoid unwanted problems. Hopefully your every trips going smoothly without a single trouble both going and returning.

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