10 Problems of Xpander Complained by Users, Causes and The Solutions

Caruser.net – Mitsubishi Xpander is considered the antithesis of the Toyota Avanza which has been too long at the Indonesia’s best-selling car throne, so Xpander suddenly sold well from the very beginning. But it turned out that this LMPV was not a truly perfect car, because complaints from Xpander users began to arrive and potentially to raise doubts by prospective buyers.

After about a year from its World Premier in Indonesia, some problems with the Mitsubishi Xpander were spoken out by the owners. Even some of the problems were quite massive, until they are considered as the Xpander’s production defect.

Complaints from Xpander users are widely reported on the social media group of the Xpander owners, then quickly became news in various mainstream media.

Mitsubishi Indonesia seems to be quite slow in responding to these problems, because negative information is very quickly spread in today’s digital era. Here’s a list of the problems that Xpander owners complained until the end of 2018:


1. Idle up (Unstable Engine Rpm)

The problem that most xpander owners experienced was the unstable engine rpm when the car was not running (idle), so called as “idle up“. Hence it’s considered to be the Xpander’s worst disease, that many Xpander owners were disappointed, emotional and worried about the further potential engine related problems.

According to the Car Maker, the Idle Up does not need to worry too much. Because the problems is not on the engine, but more because of inaccurate ECU’s initial setting. It is related to engine speed to maintain cabin comfort, precisely to maintain the AC compressor rotation.

The solution, Mitsubishi provides a software to fix the ECU settings. So the owners of Xpander who experienced the idle up, should bring their car to nearest Mitsubishi official workshop, then they will reset the ECU until the idle up problem resolved.


2. Leaking Suspension

The second problem that is pretty much complained about is the leaky shock-breaker. This problem was identified from the seepage of oil on the shock-breaker. The result of this problem is unbalanced suspension which adversely affects its driving comfort.

The solution to this problem, Mitsubishi will replace the leaking suspension for free, since the legs components are included in warranty. The Xpander owners just have to take the car to the Mitsubishi official workshop to get the shock-breaker replaced.


3. The Car Tend to Jump when the Brake Released

Some users complained about the car tends to jump forward when they release the brake, even slowly. Especially when they got trapped in a traffic jams with stop-and-go condition that they have to keep the transmission in D position.

The condition was very dangerous that caused panic for the driver, especially when they got into heavy traffic. It will be terribly exhausting to drive in such condition.

Commonly the car with automatic transmission should go slowly when the brake is released. This problem has something to do with the “idle up“, which is one of the risks it causes. Since the engine rpm was not stable during the car idle in a traffic jam.


4. Unbalanced Front Wheel

Some Xpander owners complained that the front wheels are unbalanced, thus reducing self-confidence while driving, even though many times the tires pressure were checked that no problem on it. This could has a connection with the leaky shock-breaker matter. But only few owners experienced this problem.

Another possible cause of the problem is the components of the legs such as bushing arm, lower arm, ball joint and so on. Xpander owners should report the problem to the official workshop to be resolved completely, since it should be covered by warranty.


5. Dirty Easy Seat

We informed this potential problem in a previous article about the Pros and Cons of Mitsubishi Xpander. The Xpander seat upholstery is a type that easily absorbs dirt, while the color is bright beige.

As a result, the seats are easy to look slum in a matter of months since they were purchased, especially if the owners are not diligent enough in cleaning. We saw some of displayed Xpander in malls with shabby interior.

In our opinion, even it’s cleaned regularly, the color and fabric material of Xpander seats will look dingy in few months usage. The best solution to this problem, of course to replace the leather upholstery permanently, making it easier to clean and not easily absorb dirt.


6. Head Lights Less Bright

The Mitsubishi Xpander head lights are still made of ordinary halogen lamp. Many of the Low MPV owners complained about less bright lights, thus reducing the confidence to drive the car at night.

The solution to this problem is nothing but replacing the lamp with a better one. Preferably with a Projector or HID LED with better light intensity.


7. Inaccurate MID for Fuel Consumption

The owner of YouTube Channel, Brembrem, conducted a trial on his Xpander to measure the accuracy of the Fuel Consumption Figure on MID by comparing the MID measurement results vs a full-to-full measurement method that most believed accurate.

The result was a significant difference which indicates that MID measurements are inaccurate, which MID gives a figure looks more efficient than the actual. There’s nothing to do with this because it will require more scientific method to determine which one of the measurements is valid.


8. Glass Vibrated when Opened and Closed

Some of Xpander users complained about the glass on the left and right front doors vibrated strongly when they are raised and lowered. There has been no clarification from Mitsubishi regarding this problem, whether it is a massive problem or only experienced by few users.

But the fact is there are users complained about the problem. So it should be the responsibility of the official workshop to repair such problem. The solution is to bring the car to the official workshop to be repaired completely.


9. Slightly Different Paint of Body and Bumpers

Not a few Xpander owners complained about the paint color that appeared slightly different between the car body and its bumper. Some users understood it’s quite possible and normal, since the differences in metal and plastic materials play their each role.

Just to compare, this kind of problem doesn’t happen much to other cars. There seems to be a problem with the quality of the painting. It also probably caused by the booming orders make Mitsubishi less concerned with quality control. We can only assume, since there has been no official response from the Car Maker regarding this matter.


10. Noisy Front Wipers

There are also complaints from Xpander users regarding the noises from the front wipers when it’s activated. But this problem was experienced by few Xpander owners only.

It could be just a misfortune for the owners to experience production defects in that part. Hence it’s better to claim the warranty to fix such problem completely.

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Those are the problems experience by some of Xpander users in Indonesia that we collected from various sources, such as: social media forum, owners’ reviews and news in some mainstream media.

In our opinion, if you are interested with this car, you should consider to keep buying it, because the problems above are not so significant and all of them already countered by the Car Maker in their official Mitsubishi workshop. Hopefully Mitsubishi will mitigate all those problems in their next produced Xpanders.

In terms of features, exterior appearance, cabin relief and comfort, Xpander is the best LMPV in its class for now. Hopefully this information beneficial for you. Don’t hesitate to comment if you have additional information regarding this topic.


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