Rolls-Royce Phantom Future Generation Rendered, for 2050? – Rolls Royce is a legendary European car manufacturer that maintains its classic design language. One of the legendary cars is Rolls Royce Phantom which was first present in 1930.


Someone from Johansenburg, South Africa, named Matthew Parsons, posted his digital imagery of the future Rolls Royce Phanthom on a forum site, called


Parsons wrote on the picture that he estimated this design will be used by the super-luxury car maker in 2050, or 3.3 decades from now.


The digital work is quite beautiful and deserves to be appreciated. Parsons seems to familiar with the typical design of Rolls Royce with charismatic faces and a wide vertical striped grille.


It may be that Rolls Royce is interested in adopting Matthew’s design. But if the approximate year is 2050, we think it will be over time. Because many other brands’ concepts to be released next year, looks more futuristic than this.


The development of automotive design is now experiencing a rapid jump, along with the information technology and multimedia are also exponential. So maybe in 2050 the revolution of automotive design and technology will be very sophisticated and probably not as we imagine in current days.


But the future direction of the next nearest automotive industry is the electric car technology. While the conbustion engine technology began to approach its end.


The end of conbustion engine is about to come, it’s proven by the declaration of several car makers, which one of them is Volvo, that they will no longer produce cars with conbustion engines in the future, with a target of decades to come.
Likewise some countries in Europe, such as France and the Netherlands are beginning to target to ban cars that produce air pollution from the oil fueled engines in a certain year in the future.


Regarding the next generation of Rolls Royce Phantom, it had been widely rumored by the European media, that it will be launched next year (2018) with revolutionary design changes.


The new Phantom rumored to be equipped with the latest driving assistance features, a completely new interior and many changes to the exterior. So that the luxury Rolls Royce sedan will be the main choice again.


The next gen Rolls Royce Phantom 2018 is rumored to use a V-12 6.75-liter engine. This engine would be more powerful than the present, but more efficient in fuel consumption.


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